Our team


Team members

National working groups

We manage a healthy governance at the local and regional levels through participatory and collective workspaces involving conservationists, producers, academics, communities, and public-private entities to enhance our impact.

  • Adrian Stagi, Executive Director of Aves Uruguay.
  • Daniela Schmidt Schossler, Coordinator of Alianza del Pastizal Uruguay.
  • Cristhian Clavijo, Executive Director of Vida Silvestre.
  • Cecilia Larrechea, AUGAP Representative.
  • Alfredo Bianco, Rural Producers Representative.
  • Oscar Blumetto, Guest Researcher.
  • Jean Fedrigo, Agroforestry Pole.
  • Alejandro Fros, advisor for international affairs.
  • Carolina Viñoles, Agroforestry Pole.
  • Diego Avilio Ocampos Olmedo, CONACYT Researcher and Professor at the Universidad Nacional de Asunción.
  • Pedro Paniagua Alcaraz, Researcher and Consultant in Animal Production.
  • Andrew Kennedy, Producer Member of the Grassland Alliance.
  • Rob Clay, Director of the Executive Office of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network.
  • Adauto Loreiro de Souza, Rural Producer, Member of Alianza del Pastizal.
  • Graça Tirelli, Rural Producer, Member of Alianza del Pastizal.
  • Carlos Nabinger, Teaching and Research (UFRGS).
  • Estefanía Damboriarena, Research (EMBRAPA).
  • Luiza Chomenko, Research and Public Sector (SEMA).
  • Angelo Aguinaga, Entrepreneurship and Development (SEBRAE/RS).
  • Roberto Grecellé, Private Sector (PRADO Agribusiness).
  • Pedro Develey, Deliberative Council of the Alianza del Pastizal.
  • Michael Carroll, Deliberative Council Grassland Alliance.
  • Pedro Pascotini, National Coordination of the Pasture Alliance in Brazil.