Conservationists and producers broke paradigms at the XIV Southern Cone Natural Grassland Cattle Ranchers' Meeting

More than 300 people attended the XIV Meeting of Natural Pasture Farmers of the Southern Cone to share experiences, knowledge, technologies and proposals for sustainable management, production and conservation.

After difficult times and an absence of almost three years as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, conservationists, producers, academics, researchers, government representatives and entrepreneurs from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Canada and the United States attended talks, workshops and field visits to Alianza del Pastizal farms in Santa Fe, Argentina.

From March 31 to April 1, attendees at the XIV Meeting of Pastureland Cattlemen shared experiences and knowledge related to the following topicsThe Alliance's activities include: joint production and conservation actions among the four Alliance member countries; history, brand and seal of the Alliance; the IV Alliance Animal Auction; the importance of conserving pastures and practices to do so; strategic planning linked to regenerative cattle ranching; experiences in Colombia, Bolivia and Brazil; mixed financing mechanisms; water management and non-timber forest production in the Chacó; carbon flows, sequestration and markets; microorganisms and control of invasive species; and a visit to the El Dorado field.

The support of the Province of Santa was crucial to the success of this space for change and empowerment. It was very gratifying to have the active involvement of the Minister of Production, Science and Technology, Daniel Costamagnaand the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Erika Gonnet.

One of the most emotional areas of the Meeting was the tribute and recognition to the guardians of the Southern Cone Grasslands: Estancias and Cabaña Las Lilas, Jorge González Vera, Maggie Marín and Robert Augspach. These people have built a great legacy of love for the countryside that combines sustainable production and biodiversity conservation.

The event had multiple stands where you could see sustainable and healthy products such as: organic honey, seeds, flours, essential oils, and of course: sustainable meat from the pasture. These were some of the examples of how products and preserves work together to produce healthy and sustainable foods that respect and protect life, birds and the health of all.  

The entire Encounter was set and enriched by multiple manifestations of the culture, richness, history and tradition of the countryside; that keep a heritage of harmonious coexistence and development. This was evidenced in paintings, sculptures, clothing, music, dance and the inevitable: mate.

Long live the Grassland Alliance and its rural inhabitants. Thanks to all the organizations that believe in and support our mission: Bobolink Foundation, Brangus, Cultivo, Boomitra, Environment Canada, Jensen Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

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